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Avon Lady

One Day around Christmas Time, an Avon Lady Was Soliciting Her Products In An Apartment Building. Just as she Got On The Elevator To Go To The Top Floor, She Had An Overwhelming Urge To Fart. Seeing As How There Was No One Else In The Elevator She Decided To Let It Rip. It Was The Most Intensely Disgusting Fart She Had ever let go and did it ever Smell. She Quickly Sprayed a lot of her New Pine Scented Air Freshener With The Intent Of Covering Up The Smell Of The Fart. An Older Lady Got On At The Next Floor, Turned Very Red In The Face And Quickly Got Off On The Next Floor, so She Decided To Spray A Little More Of The Air Freshener. Two Floors Later A Drunk Man Got On But he Did Not Seem Overly Distracted By The Smell. So she Took The Opportunity To Advertise Her Product. She Said, “Excuse Me Sir, But I’d Like To Ask You What You Think Of Our New Line Of Christmas Scent Air Fresheners?” He Sniffed The Air Intensely, Hiccupped, and said “Smells to me like somebody crapped under the Christmas Tree.”

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Written by Taureano Ent

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