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Black Jokes

  • Posted on 21/02/2017

    Hide something from black man

    Q: How do you hide something from a black man?
    A: Put it in a book

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  • Posted on 21/02/2017

    Who hits ground first

    *** Black Jokes ***

    A black man and a mexican jump off the Empire State Building, who hits the ground first? The mexican, because the black man had to stop on the way down and spray paint “motherfu****” on the wall.

  • Posted on 21/02/2017

    Commonly found in

    Yesterday, I failed my biology exam. The question was: "Name something commonly found in cells." Apparently, Niggers wasn't the right answer.

  • Posted on 21/02/2017

    Why blacks are fast

    *** Black Jokes ***

    Q: Why are all black people fast?
    A: Because all the slow ones are in prison.

  • Posted on 21/02/2017

    First black man

    Q: What did God say when he made the first black man?
    A: "Damn, I burnt one."