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A guy decides to bring his new blonde girlfriend to a football game. After the game is over, he asks her if she liked the game. She replies: “Oh it was great, I loved watching those men in tight clothes, but there is one thing I don’t understand.” “What did you not understand ?” And the blonde says: “Well, at the beginning of the game, both teams flipped a quarter to see who would kick off first. Then the rest of the game everybody was yelling get the quarter back, get the quarter back, get the quarter back. So I thought to myself, gosh it’s just a quarter!”

Girlfriend: McDonald’s Chalein? Boy: Spelling Bolo Toh Hi Jayenge. Girlfriend: McDonald’s Rehne Do, KFC Chalte Hain… Boy: Agar KFC Ka Full Form Bata Dogi Toh Le Chalunga. Girlfriend: Rehne De Kanjoos. Samosa Hi Khila De.

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Written by Taureano Ent

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