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Badi Behen Honeymoon Pe Gayi.
Choti Ne SMS Kiya : Didi Jo Jeans Di Thi Vo Jarur Pehenana.
Didi’s Reply: Tujhe Jeans Ki Padi Hai, Is Tharki Ne 4 Din Se Underwaer Tak Toh Pehnane Nahin Di.

An HR manager got married. On the first night of their honey moon, on seeing his wife nude for the first time, he was furious: Tumne mujhse dhoka kiya!! You have cheated me! The astounded but smart bride asks: Kaise? Kya dhokha diya hai maine? The HR man shouts: Your B*obs are so small…. I definitely remember noticing their size when I met you at the engagement… they appeared to be much bigger… The hitech bride replies, “Honey, what you saw and agreed upon was the CTC Package… but this is what you get in hand…

I was sitting on the sofa with my wife last night. She said, “F*cking hell you smelly bas*ard, have you farted?” I said, “No I haven’t you cheeky b**ch”. She said, “I bet you fifty quid that you have”. So I showed her my pants and said, “See it wasn’t a fart, fifty quid please!”

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