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Bhagwan ne apne ek doot ko 3 questions ka answer dhoondne ke liye India bheja. 1. Sabse Strong Kya Hai ? 2. Sabse Kamzor kya hai? 3. Aur vo kya hai jo maine nahin banaya but phir bhi hai? Doot Waapas aakar bola: 1st: Sabse strong hai Jhaant Ka Baal… Jisko dekho bolta rehta hai – Tu meri jhaant ka baal bhi nahin ukhaad sakta. 2nd: Sabse kamzor hai ‘Gaand’… jisko dekho bolta rehta hai hai – ‘Gaand Phat Gayi.’ 3rd: Aur woh chiz jo apne nahi banayi magar India me hai wo hai: ‘Bhen Ka Lauda’.

Pathan being intrviewed at U.K Embasy: CONSULATE: Your name please? Pathan: Gul Khan. CONSLATE: S*x ? Pathan: Ten times a week. CONSULATE: I mean male or female? Pathan: Both male and female and sometimes Camels too. CONSULATE: You seem Ugly. Pathan: Yes Ugly and Pichli both sides. CONSULATE: Freaky Ass! Pathan: Yes, sometimes free ki ass somtimes have to pay. CONSULATE: Man are you hostile? Pathan: Horse style,dog style any style. CONSULATE: Oh dear!!! Pathan: Deer? No deer they run very fast.

I was sitting on the sofa with my wife last night. She said, “F*cking hell you smelly bas*ard, have you farted?” I said, “No I haven’t you cheeky b**ch”. She said, “I bet you fifty quid that you have”. So I showed her my pants and said, “See it wasn’t a fart, fifty quid please!”

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