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Cowboy’s Pet

A cowboy went to a pet store and checked out all the pets available and then decided to buy a talking centipede. The centipede came with his own box that was his house. He took the centipede back to the bunk house with him, and would talk to him every evening when he got back from his duties. On Sunday morning, the cowboy approached the centipede’s box and said to the centipede through the doorway on the box, “Hey, Cent, how ’bout getting up and going to church with me?” He heard no answer from within the box, so he spoke a little louder and said, “Hey, Cent, what do you think about getting up and going to church with me?” Still no answer from the box, so the cowboy shouts, “Hey, Cent, how ’bout gettin’ your ass up and going to worship with me this fine Sunday morning?” Finally from within the box the centipede shouts back, “I HEARD YOU THE FIRST TIME. I’M PUTTING MY SHOES ON!”

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