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Tatti Vandi

Keralite passenger is boarding a plane….. Air hostess smiles in welcome…”Namaste!” Keralite: “Tatti Vandi!” Air hostess (shocked): “What??” Passesnger: “Tatti Vandi!!” Air hostess calls flight attendant…… Flight Attendant: “Can I help you, Sir?” Passenger: “Tatti Vandi!!” Flight attendant: “Excuse me??” Passenger :”Tatti Vandi” Flight Attendant opens the door of the toilet in the front of the cabin and waves the passenger inside….. Passenger gets annoyed and waves the boarding card at him angrily. Flight attendant looks at the boarding card and bursts out laughing. Controls himself, and says: “Oh, seat 31 D, it is an aisle seat.. This way please!!!”

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Written by Taureano Ent

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