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  • Posted on 22/11/2016

    Elephants Organ

    First Friend: Where are an elephant's s*x organs? Second Friend: For you they are in his feet. If he steps on you you're f**ked!

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  • Posted on 22/11/2016

    Difference cow and bull

    *** Adult Jokes ***

    Q: What's the difference between a cow and a bull?
    A: Milk both of them and the one that smiles is the bull.

  • Posted on 22/11/2016

    Curious Tim rabbit

    Little Tim Rabbit lives alone in the countryside with his mother. One day he gets curious about his existence.
    Little Tim Rabbit : "Mommy, where did I come from?"
    Mother Rabbit: "I'm busy Tim, do not disturb me."
    Little Tim Rabbit: "Mommy please... where did I come from"
    Mother Rabbit: "Go play with your friends. Children don't ask such questions."
    Little Tim Rabbit: "No!No!No! Where did I come from." Tim starts to cry
    Mother Rabbit: "Ok... I ll tell you when you re older."
    Little Tim Rabbit: "Oh please! please tell me now now." He sobs.
    Mother Rabbit: "Ok... If you must know you must know. You were pulled from a magician's hat."

  • Posted on 22/11/2016


    *** Adult Jokes ***

    While standing in front of the gorilla's cage, a gust of wind swept some dust into his eye. As he rubbed his eyelid, the gorilla went crazy, bent open the bars, and beat the guy senseless. When the guy came to his senses, he reported the incident to the zookeeper. Nodding, the zookeeper explained that pulling down your eyelid means "F**k you!" in gorilla language. The explanation didn't make the victim feel any better and he vowed revenge. The next day he purchased two large knives, two party hats, two party horns, and a large sausage. Putting the sausage in his pants, he hurried to the zoo and over to the gorilla's cage, where he tossed a hat, a knife, and a party horn. Knowing that gorillas were natural mimics, he put on a party hat. The gorilla looked at him, looked at the hat, and put it on. Next, he picked up his horn and blew on it. The gorilla picked up his horn and did the same. Then the man picked up his knife, whipped the sausage out of his pants, and sliced it in half. The gorilla looked at the knife, looked at his own crotch, looked at the man, and pulled down his eyelid."

  • Posted on 22/11/2016

    Kinky Monkey

    In Noah’s ark, on day 3 the animals could no longer hold their s*xual desire, so they started having s*x with one another. But Noah got really angry cause the Ark started shaking dangerously and he decided that it was time to put things in order. So he ordered that every male should get a card stating the name of his wife and the days they were allowed to mate. So they did… After a couple of days, during breakfast in the Ark’s cafeteria the monkey said to his wife: "You’ d better get ready ‘cause next Tuesday you’ll suffer cruelly!" The female monkey felt really ashamed because all of the animals heard her husband… The day after, the male monkey said to his wife again: "You’ d better get ready ‘cause next Tuesday you’ll suffer cruelly!" The female monkey feeling really confused, told Noah what had happened, so Noah called the male monkey in his office and asked for an explanation. “You kinky monkey! Why do you insist on disgracing your wife in front of all the other animals?” said Noah “I am not kinky sir”, said the monkey “I’m just warning her because I lost my card at a poker game and now the elephant has it…”